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Rubber Wheel Dumpster Rental Prices

BLU Dumpster Rental Prices

You need a dumpster to handle the overflow from your remodel, downsizing, or cleanout. The question is how much should you pay for it

BLU Dumpster rubber wheel dumpster rental prices are always billed at a flat rate, so there are never any surprises. You get exactly what you pay for: a top-notch product and service, and someone else to haul away all your junk.

Rubber Wheel Dumpster Rental Prices
Rubber Wheel Dumpster Rental Prices

Flat-Rate Dumpster Rental in Michigan

Rent the dumpster size you need at a price that’s fair and never changes. The cost of every flat-rate BLU Dumpster rental includes:

  • Free delivery
  • Free pick-up
  • Disposal fees
  • A clean, empty dumpster ready for you to use

There are no hidden or unexpected charges. Guaranteed.

Why BLU Dumpsters Are Worth Their Price

BLU Dumpster is proud to stand out from the crowd by delivering a top-quality dumpster with the following advantages:

  • Rubber tires that don’t damage your driveway
  • Carefully parked, never dropped or dragged
  • Sturdy with locking wheels to prevent rolling
  • Just the right size for home cleanup needs
  • Attractive, clean, and non-imposing
  • Ideal for small spaces

The perks don’t stop there.

BLU Dumpster is dedicated to customer satisfaction, and we guarantee the highest level of service:

  • Scheduled drop-offs and pick-ups.

    We show up when we say we will.

  • Flexible drop-offs and pick-ups.

    In case your schedule changes at the last minute.

  • Free delivery.

    Flat rate, remember?

  • Free pick-up.

    It’s all built into the price, including disposal fees.

  • Convenience.

    Always ready when you are.
  • Reliability.

    There when you need us, gone when you don’t.

Rent a temporary dumpster in the size you need for as long as you need it. You don’t even have to be home when we arrive or depart – just tell us where you want your dumpster and when you want it to disappear.

What We Need to Know About Your Project

When you contact BLU Dumpster to discuss your project, we’ll have some questions for you. Be prepared to share details about:

  • The types of items you’re throwing out
  • Approximately how much stuff you’re tossing (How many pick-up truck beds could you fill with our trash?)
  • Where you want us to park the dumpster
  • How long you need the dumpster rental

Contact BLU Dumpster for a free quote.

Convenience Is Always Worth the Price – Especially When It Comes to Trash

With BLU Dumpster, you pay for convenience. The only place you carry your trash or demo materials is to the dumpster – we take care of the rest.

Save yourself multiple trips to the dump and avoid fights with your trash service about what they will and won’t haul away. Rent a BLU Dumpster for easy, convenient clean-up.

Contact us today to get your free quote & get Rubber Wheel Dumpster Rental Prices. schedule your BLU Dumpster Rental Today