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Rubber wheels =
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Roll Off Dumpsters Or Rubber Wheel Dumpsters

Roll Off Dumpsters Or Rubber Wheel Dumpsters

Roll Off Dumpsters Near Me

You need a dumpster to hold the mess you’re making at your home, and you want the dumpster delivery to be easy and convenient.

Roll off dumpsters get the job done, but why take the chance of damaging your driveway when you could have a driveway-safe, rubber-wheel dumpster instead? BLU Dumpsters are gentle on your property, and they do the important job of hauling away the stuff you don’t want anymore, all for one guaranteed flat fee.

Roll Off Dumpsters Near Me
Roll Off Dumpsters

Rubber Wheel Dumpsters vs. Roll Off Dumpsters

A home reno, cleanup, or cleanout can make you feel like you need your own private junkyard to dispose of the debris or junk. When you search for a “dumpster rental near me,” you might think a roll off dumpster is your only option, but it’s not.

Time to learn more about rubber wheel dumpsters and what they can do for you, only better:

  • Driveway-safe: The last thing you want in the middle of cleaning up is for a mess to be left behind from the scraping and weight of a metal roll off dumpster. BLU Dumpster rentals are driveway-safe thanks to rubber wheels that prevent the bulk of the dumpster from making direct contact with the ground. They are just like truck tires – the weight is there, but nothing damages the surface on which the vehicle is parked.
  • Easy parking: You’ve heard roll off dumpsters being dropped and dragged along driveways and roadways. BLU Dumpsters are parked carefully and the rubber wheels are locked in place so there is no rolling.
  • Conveniently sized: Most roll-off dumpsters are industrial-sized, and that doesn’t really work for a homeowner doing a small- or medium-sized job. BLU Dumpsters fit conveniently in smaller spaces without leaving indentations or damage behind, creating easier access to the dumpster.

Contain the Mess: Temporary Dumpster Rental Near Me

Once you settle on a roll off dumpster or rubber wheel dumpster, it’s time to figure out which rental company has the best options for your needs.

BLU Dumpster is focused on quality customer service and delivers the following:

  • Reasonable flat rates: All billing is done at a flat rate, so you don’t have to worry about hidden fees. Free delivery and pick-up are included.
  • Flexible deliveries and pick-ups: Drop-offs and pick-ups are scheduled, but they are also flexible. If your timeline changes, we will shift to accommodate your needs. If you need a dumpster for longer or less time than anticipated, we can make it work.
  • Convenient: Can’t be home for the dumpster delivery? No worries. Just tell us where to put the dumpster and that is where it shall be when you arrive.
  • Reliable: BLU Dumpsters are where you want us to be when you tell us to be, no matter what.
  • Clean Product: Dumpsters and cleanliness are not a typical pair, but BLU Dumpsters are guaranteed to be clean, sleek, and attractive so they aren’t an eyesore in your driveway.

Choose Driveway-Safe Rentals from BLU Dumpsters

Eliminate multiple special trash pick-ups, skip inconvenient treks to the dump, avoid arguing with your trash pick-up service about what they will or won’t haul away – rent a driveway safe BLU Dumpster to handle your temporary trash needs.

Roll Off Dumpsters Near Me

BLU Dumpsters are equipped with rubber wheels so they are gentle on your driveway while doing the heavy lifting of junk hauling. Protect your concrete, asphalt, or brick driveway from the threat of heavy, roll off dumpsters.

You don’t have to take precautions before you go BLU. Our dumpsters are driveway-friendly, user-friendly, and ready to collect your trash. Contact us today to discuss your project needs.